Best Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Charging Issue

Samsung Galaxy series is now a well-known brand in the market. If we discuss Samsung Galaxy S9, then this phone has broken the barriers of imaginations, turning it all into reality and giving the users several reasons to choose this gadget. Despite its advanced features and popularity among users, this device is also a small machine, and encountering a few issues is not a big deal. But at the same time, issues especially, the battery charging issues turn your Samsung S9 experience into a worse one. After all, no one would love to carry power banks every time and everywhere.

So, we have come up with this article highlighting the most commonly reported problem of the battery won’t charging in Samsung Galaxy S9. There could be several reasons for this issue. No matter whatever the case may be, it is essential to get the right fix at the best cell phone repair shop so that you won’t face this problem. Before you rush to your nearby repair shop, it is good to try the below-listed methods to resolve this issue in a few minutes. Take a look-

Check for the damage in the power adapter

The first thing you should focus on is to check for the physical damage in your power adapter. There could be a possibility that there is a fault in your power adapter that doesn’t allow you to charge your Samsung Galaxy S9 battery. When you plug in the device for charging, then a message pops on the screen, “fast charging is enabled.” This message notifies you that the power adapter is working properly. So, if you can’t see the message, then you should consider replacing the power adapter for fast charging.

Clear the Background Apps

If there is no hardware issue related to the adapter and USB cable of your charger, then there could be a software issue. Sometimes, the apps running in the background drain the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S9 and hence affect the battery performance. In such a case, you should remove background apps that you are not using. You can simply restart your phone and check if your device is charging normally. Or else, you can try the listed steps to exit the background apps-

  • Press and hold the space on the Home screen.
  • Release your finger when you see the list of recently used apps appear.
  • Click on the Task Manager.
  • Tap on End All Applications > RAM > Delete the RAM.

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Uninstall the third-party apps

If you have just downloaded the apps on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and your device won’t charge anymore, then there is a high chance that the issue has occurred because of installing third-party apps. In such a case, tech experts suggest you uninstall those apps immediately and restart your device to give it a fresh start. It will help you to resolve this inappropriate phone charging issue.

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