Easy Ways to Consume Magic Mushrooms

There are many different reasons why people use magic truffles. Most people use it for fun as the magic mushroom contains psilocybin which is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic compound. This mushroom looks like a dried ordinary mushroom with a long slender stem. Psilocybin mushrooms can cause you to see, hear, and feel sensations that are not real; this state is known as hallucinogenic.

 The strength of these mushrooms depends on the season and where they grow, it is quite difficult to predict its strength.  Magic mushrooms can make you hallucinate, can make you feel good, you might be even more open and imaginative, you may have out of body experience, your sense of time might get distorted and you might feel anxious. It is a pleasant and unforgettable experience. With proper knowledge and guidance, the magic mushroom can lead you to valuable insight into the surrounding world.

Most people eat magic mushrooms and when you eat it you need to chew it well. When you chew it the active substances are released and are easily absorbed by your body. Its effects last for 3 to 6 hours. Trippy Mushrooms have summed up some best methods for the consumption of magic mushrooms-

Chew and Swallow

It is the most common and simple way of taking the magic mushroom. One should chew it thoroughly and allow all its juice to come out. The psychoactive compound released from the mushroom and mixed with your blood reaches to every cell of your body. It usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to start work, and it also depends on the stomach content. The less you will eat the better results it will show, it is advisable to avoid food intake for a few hours. You can also mash the magic mushroom or truffles into a paste and then swallow the paste

Truffle sweet tooth

If you like sweets then melt some chocolate and make good shrooms candies. After a few experiments, you will come to know what quantity suits your taste buds. Find whether you like dark, light, or milk chocolates you like and molten the mix into your choice of the bowl. Store your treats in your fridge and allow it to set, don’t worry if you see the white patches occurring, as they are fat chocolate reacting to being frozen which are quite safe. Similarly, you can mix these magic mushrooms with ice creams as well, the flavor of mangoes, strawberries will enhance it.

A cup of magic tea

You can also make a magic brew. Taking your shrooms in the form of tea can disappear its specific taste. For making an amazing tea, boil some water, crush the required amount of magic mushrooms and put them in it. Let the pan heat and, keep it on the sim, do not bring it to the boiling point otherwise the active compound can get destroyed and you will be left with a bad brew with little psychoactive value. Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes and then enjoy it.

Magic capsules

Capsule offers the option of microdosing shrooms or truffles. These capsules serve higher planes for hours. Magic shrooms are not known for their taste. The key of microdosing is to keep the amount of mushroom below .5 grams per capsule. The effect should not overpower the user.

Be careful while consuming the magic mushroom, never overdose it. Take time to deal with the impression. You can buy magic mushrooms in Canada from with proper knowledge and guidance.

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